The principal aims of the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO) are to advance the status of geography by:

  • organising events and activities for members
  • undertaking research
  • producing publications for members
  • supporting geographers in their jobs and careers
  • identifying and promoting good practise
  • lobbying at international, European and national level
  • giving advice on geography
  • making recommendations to decision makers

EUROGEO is concerned with the effective use of open geographic information and to use this to contribute to areas such as demography and migration, sustainability, economic development and urban and rural challenges, hazards, landscape, poverty, democracy and citizen engagement.

EUROGEO promotes the importance of geographical education and spatial thinking as a contribution towards the development of a better understanding of our world and therefore global citizenship. By doing so, EUROGEO encourages the development of a greater global awareness through the medium of geography and an increase in mutual knowledge and understanding.

EUROGEO, in affiliation with other organisations, has produced a large number of publications and has organised geography conferences, meetings and workshops on a regular basis. Representatives of national and regional professional educational associations have been actively involved in EUROGEO.

EUROGEO also supports those seeking to establish or organise national geography associations and those that promote geography as an academic discipline and geographers in the workplace.

It is clear that spatial skills and geographical information are increasingly important especially in Cloud-based, open data environments. The roles that geography and geographers play are being challenged by these new geo-opportunities. Those involved with EUROGEO are seeking to monitor, support and promote these developments.

EUROGEO is a membership-based professional society governed by an elected Presidium. It operates mainly within Europe but increasingly has an international / global remit.

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