Vol. 13 No. 2 (2022): Special Issue

“Geographical memories” in honour of Professor Yorgos Photis

Maria Pigaki
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Published 2022-10-26

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Pigaki, Maria. 2022. “‘Geographical memories’ in Honour of Professor Yorgos Photis”. European Journal of Geography 13 (2). https://eurogeojournal.eu/index.php/egj/article/view/247.


This special issue, in honour of the beloved Teacher and Colleague, Professor Yorgos Photis, suggests a series of memories, expecting to follow the trace of his scientific way of thinking through the writings of his students and colleagues, honouring him and expressing our love and recognition. Professor Yorgos Photis typically followed the curriculum of the School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering of National Technical University of Athens, teaching geography and spatial analysis as well as space syntax. In reality he substantially taught life itself with his dynamic personality, his graciousness and his gentility. The following scientific papers broaden the horizons of different geographical fields that he visioned and give further stimulus to continue his avant garde work on Geography at a national and international level. The reader can “walk” through geographical research that he supervised concerning spatial thinking and spatial analysis using GIS. This special issue is edited by the European Journal of Geography (EJG), of which he was the editor for many years as President of the Hellenic Geographical Society. I’m certain that the colleagues, the students and the graduates of the department having the luck and the honour to meet him, will continue his work inspired by his ethics and values.


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