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Hidden geographies of population implosion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Haris GEKIC | Aida BIDZAN-GEKIC | Ranko MIRIC | Peter REMENYI Downloads: 342

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Published: 2020/12/21 DOI:

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Keywords: hidden geographies, depopulation, emigration, population ageing, system of values, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina has witnessed continuous depopulation since 1991. Depopulation was foreseen even without the emergence of war, but not nearly to that extent or that early. Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a worse demographic position than the European Union countries that show similar demographic trends. Very low birth rates, low fertility and low natural population growth have been recorded in the time of weaker economic development, which increasingly accelerates the emigration of the educated population in particular, and permanently adversely affects the reproductive potential of the country. This paper considers a hidden mutual relationship between the demographic situation (natural change, population ageing) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens' system of values. According to the survey conducted on 614 respondents, Bosnia and Herzegovina's citizens have fewer children than they would like.

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